The effect of wild rose (Rosa canina L.) on the microbial contamination of ice cream
The effect of wild rose (Rosa canina L.) on the microbial contamination of ice cream
Volume 2, Issue 5, 2018, Page 245 - 256
Authors : Tahereh Zandilak , Sedigheh Yazdanpanah

Abstract :
Ice cream is a frozen mixture prepared from milk, sweeteners, stabilizer, emulsifiers and materials generating scent and taste that due to various components in its structure, such as ice crystals and scattered air bubbles in the serum phase has various colloidal properties. Dairy products and ice cream have high nutritional values, which provide significant portion of nutritional needs, cause neutralization of free radicals, prevent cancer, and increase safety resistance in children. Despite its significant nutritional values, ice cream, due to the nutrient medium, is a good environment for the growth of microorganisms. Wild rose (Rosa canina L.) is one of the most important medicinal plants; its fruits contain valuable medicinal and nutritional compounds. The aim of producing ice cream with the fruit extract of wild rose is to use its nutritional and therapeutic properties and to evaluate the effect of the extract on the microbial contamination of the produced ice cream. Therefore, ice cream samples were prepared with the fruit extract of wild rose in 2 levels of 5% and 15%, and then viscosity, hardness, overran, drawing temperature, melting rate tests and microbial search were evaluated. The results were analyzed using SPSS software and Duncan test. By adding the extract, viscosity and hardness increased significantly (p<0/05), and overran and drawing temperature decreased significantly (p<0/05). Melting rates were not significantly different between samples (p<0/05). The numbers of microorganisms in produced ice cream from fruit extract of wild rose were significantly lower than the control sample (p<0/05). By substituting the milk with fruit extract of wild rose, the physicochemical, rheological and microbial pkroperties of the produced ice cream improved.

Keywords :
Ice cream, Microbial contamination, Wild rose