Volume 1, Issue 1, 2017, Page 24 - 35
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Abstract :
In this study, 38 fish in four species of Shapour River and Seyyed Hossein Spring were caught in 2016, including: Albumus mossulensis, Cyprinion macrostomum, Capoeta barroisi persica and Garra rufa and they were studied for external worm parasites and protozoans. Totally, 10 species of parasites were isolated and recognized, including: five species of monogenes (Dactylogyrus alatus, Dactylogyrus carassobarbi, Dactylogyrus pulcher, Dactylogyrus holciki and Gyrodactylus sp.),one species of digenes (Centrocestus sp.),one species of crustacean (Lamproglena sp.),two species of protozoan (Ichthyophthrius multifilliis, Chilodonella sp.) and one species of Myxozoa (Myxobolus sp.). The results showed that the highest percent of parasitic infection was for Dactylogyrus carassobarbi and the least amount was reported for Lamproglena sp. and Myxobolus sp. Moreover, Capoeta barroisi persica and Albumus mossulensis had the highest and lowest percent of parasitic infection, respectively. There wasn’t any meaningful relationship between the infection of different species of the fish and their infected organs (P>0.05).

Keywords :
Protozoa, Metazoa, Seyyed Hossein Spring, Shapour River, Fish

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