Volume 3, Issue 6, 2020, Page 309 - 318
Author(s) :
Foad sadi *1
1 Department of Clinical Sciences, Mahabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mahabad, Iran

Abstract :
The aim of this study was to determine intraocular anatomical parameters of the Najdi goat in normal state using ultrasonographic images. Since intra ocular parameters undergo changes by inflammation induced by different eye diseases, Knowledge of the dimensions of ocular components and their normal range is essential for better understanding of clinical vision disorders. Ocular echobiometric inspection was carried out on 12-18 months old healthy Najdi breed goats. Ultrasonographic images were obtained by a 10MHz linear probe in the sagittal plane. The ocular echobiometric measurement revealed the following: axial globe length (AGL) 19.8±0.3mm, anterior chamber depth (ACD) 1.82±0.16mm, vitreous chamber depth (VCD) 9.45±0.15mm, sclera retinal rim thickness (SRT) 1.25±0.07mm, lens thickness (LT) 7.45±0.25mm and corneal thickness (CT) 0.45±0.01mm. The estimated dimensions of the normal ocular components obtained in this study are presented in a table to be used by veterinarians in the diagnosis of goat ocular diseases.

Keywords :
Ocular, Najdi goat, ultrasonographic, echobiometric

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